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Learn about crypto staking and find out the best places to stake your crypto assets in 2023.

Featured Platforms in 2023
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Nebeus is a globally recognized cryptocurrency platform. Regarding that, it offers many services. Here, you can borrow, buy, sell, exchange, or rent cryptocurrencies. Besides, you can also mobile top-up with nebeus. It is a secured crypto lending platform for any amateur and professional cryptocurrency holder. Some of the best Nebeus competitors are BlockFi and Celsius Network with both crypto earning interest through lending and crypto borrowing loan options available. Let’s take a quick look at Nebeus review to understand the platform fully.

By staking your crypto with Nebeus, you are able to earn up to 7.5% rewards per year in over 20 crypto assets in a flexible way as it allows you to unstake at any moment for no additional cost. The other alternative to earn on crypto is crypto renting, which offers 4 different programs to gain rewards up to 12.85% in stablecoins and 6.5% in crypto per year, which are among the highest rates in the market. Greater benefits are provided as a result of the assets being locked for a predetermined time.
What is unique to Nebeus’ crypto renting is that you can earn interest on a different crypto than the one rented, so if you are planning to buy a new coin, you can avoid conversion fees in this way. Both services are good for making money on your cryptocurrency because they have no costs and pay-out incentives on a monthly basis.
In addition, your digital assets are in a safe platform as Nebeus is authorized and registered by the Bank of Spain as a cryptocurrency custody and services provider and received the VASP license.

Signing up for Nebeus is easy. Go to homepage and look at the top-right corner. You will see the option “open account”. Click it and you will be redirected to the “sign-in” page. Look at the mid-bottom and you will see the “sign up” link. Click it and the account creation page will come forward. From there, it is pretty much the same as regular websites. You have to provide information like name and surname. Then you have to provide an email that hasn’t been used before. Then you have to create a password for your account. It should be a complex one for safety. Using uppercase, lowercase, number, and more than 8 digits are a good follow up. Then select your county. Next, accept their terms of use. Doing all these, click on the “create account” menu and you are ready to go. Follow the Nebeus review to learn the next log-in step.

Before the requirements, you have to know about the KYC. KYC expands into “Know Your Customer”. It has some requirements to control and prevent any abusive usage of the site from the users. It ensures safety and helps to detect any illegal transaction or activities.
The KYC requirements are below.
Full Legal Name
Home address
Personal Mobile Number
Social Security Number (SSN)
Proof of Identity (National ID Card, Govt. approved Licence, Passport)
Verified Date of Birth
Any necessary documents or verification for external usage.
These are requirements and the Nebeus authority has the authority to update any requirement as per need.


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Crypto staking is one of the best passive income options in 2023 for those looking to earn a steady return on investment without the volatility of trading.