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Learn about crypto staking and find out the best places to stake your crypto assets in 2023.

Featured Platforms in 2023
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SIGN UP HERE platform offers staking on the 8 most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Binance BNB, and the USDT stablecoin on ERC20, TRC20 or BEP20 chains.

On the BERSTAKE platform, you have internal cryptocurrency wallet, after topping up we can go to the “STAKE CRYPTO” section, where we can choose Locked or Flexible Staking Strategy.

Locked Staking
With Locked Staking strategy, you commit your cryptocurrency for a specific duration to earn consistent, high returns. The longer the lock period, the higher the returns. It's a strategy designed for those who envision a long-term game and want to maximize their earnings.
365 days with a reward of 2% per week - 106% APY
180 days with a reward of 1.7% per week - 88.4% APY
90 days with a reward of 1.4% per week - 72.8% APY
30 days with a reward of 1% per week - 52% APY

ROI rates are respectively: 206%, 144.2%, 118.2%, 105%.

The BERSTAKE offers a remarkable deal for those seeking stable, guaranteed prizes that disregard exchange rate fluctuations. Once the lockout period concludes, the initial deposit is returned to the balance, allowing for withdrawal to a personal crypto wallet or continued staking. Rewards are distributed every 24 hours and deposited directly into the BERSTAKE wallet, giving full control over them.

Flexible Staking
For those who prefer liquidity and the freedom to access their funds whenever they wish, we present our Flexible Staking strategy. With this plan, you can unstake your cryptocurrency anytime after the initial 24 hours. Here, the rewards scale up with the staked amount, letting you earn more as you invest more.

79.5% APY, 1.5% weekly reward, minimum staking: 10000 USDT*
68.9% APY, 1.3% weekly reward, minimum staking: 5000 USDT*
53% APY, 1% weekly reward, minimum staking: 1000 USDT*
39.75% APY, 0.75% weekly reward, minimum staking: 100 USDT*

* - USDT or an approximate value in another cryptocurrency

ROI rates depends on Staking Duration.
Unstake available at any time, after first 24h.

Embark on a unique journey with BerStake's multilevel affiliate program and harness the power of community-driven growth. At, we value and reward the trust you place in our platform by introducing it to others.

Direct Referrals: Earn a generous commission of 5% every time your direct referrals stake their cryptocurrency with us.
Second Level: Your earnings grow as your network does. Receive a 2.5% commission for every individual staked by referrals made by your direct referrals.
Third Level: Dive deeper into the rewards system and earn a 1% commission from stakes made by individuals introduced by your second-level referrals.
Fourth Level: Broaden your horizons and secure a 0.5% commission from the stakes of individuals brought in by your third-level referrals.

Why stake with
Firstly, you can stake and earn rewards on your assets without having to scout for different platforms yourself. It's a one-stop-shop for staking a diverse set of cryptocurrencies. Secondly, is powered by a professional and experienced team, with expertise in blockchain, trading, and DeFi sectors. Regardless of the market situation or cryptocurrency prices, we provide you with a steady, weekly reward. Your reward is independent of the exchange rate of any tokens. Instead, you receive rewards in the same cryptocurrency in which you've made your Staking Deposit. We safeguard your capital, manage your assets professionally, and aim to achieve the expected financial results. Moreover, our platform offers significantly higher returns than traditional staking. The reason behind this is our commitment to simplicity: no need to exchange your cryptocurrency, no dubious tokens, just staking the crypto you already possess. We've worked hard to make BERSTAKE user-friendly, ensuring even beginners can navigate our platform with ease. And of course, we also offer a referral program for an added earning opportunity with no earning limits. At BERSTAKE, we believe that cryptocurrency should do more than just sit in your wallet. Let it work for you. Let it earn for you. With BERSTAKE, let's unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency. Welcome to smarter staking.



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Crypto staking is one of the best passive income options in 2023 for those looking to earn a steady return on investment without the volatility of trading.